January 2022 Vol 13, No 1 | January 21, 2022
The use of telehealth in the fee-for-service program surged by more than 4000% during the first 6 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what the experts anticipate in the future of telehealth services.
May 2021 Vol 12, No 5 | May 19, 2021
At the recent AONN+ Annual Conference, experts in oncology navigation convened virtually with conference attendees to offer their insights in furthering the efficacy of navigation. This monograph will review the proceedings from 4 key sessions covering the timely topics of telehealth, mental health and the oncology patient, prehabilitation and rehabilitation, and value-based oncology care.
March 2021 Vol 12, No 3 | March 22, 2021
Does “virtual medicine” represent the future of oncology navigation?
Video Library | January 6, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of telehealth in the United States. Jennie Crews, MS, MMM, FACP, shares how the pandemic has helped break down some of the legal and restrictive barriers telehealth was facing.
Video Library | January 6, 2021
The widespread adoption of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic has shown benefits to providers, patients, insurance companies, and government entities. There is action being taken to ensure telehealth can operate in the future, but there are still many unknowns on how telehealth can be incorporated in oncology moving forward.
Video Library | January 6, 2021
Telehealth has benefited patients and caregivers by offering convenient care at home that reduces costs and time spent traveling. For providers, telehealth is a unique opportunity to connect with a patient differently and is a convenient way to offer a service outside of a clinic setting.
Video Library | January 6, 2021
Jennie Crews, MS, MMM, FACP explains how concerns about reimbursement have limited telehealth in the past. The future of telehealth may see challenges in providers feeling they cannot provide a comprehensive visit virtually and a barrier to access for patients in underserved communities.
Video Library | January 6, 2021
Telehealth allows us to enhance navigation in oncology by providing a virtual setting to interact with patients and coordinate care. Jennie Crews, MS, MMM, FACP discusses best practices in telehealth for navigators.
Video Library | January 6, 2021
Jennie Crews, MS, MMM, FACP explains how we need to advocate for our patients and listen to their needs when it comes to telehealth.
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