November 2016 Vol 7, No 10

This month, our Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators will convene in Las Vegas for what promises to be an inspiring and entertaining meeting both in our sessions and out!
The authors present the development and field test results of a web-based, breast cancer survivorship care planning system.
The Evidence into Practice Committee offers their quarterly newsletter discussing the impact navigators can have on strengthening the physical and psychosocial adjustment to a cancer diagnosis by identifying and promoting effective coping strategies.
The authors discuss how nurse navigators, patient navigators, and social workers can collaborate to fill vital roles in direct patient psychosocial care and develop processes and procedures that improve delivery of that care.
The authors present a case study demonstrating effective psychosocial care and the impact navigators can have in improving patient quality of life.
Racial inequality in healthcare is a long-standing problem that has been studied for decades.
Sexual dysfunction is a common problem for cancer survivors, and nurses can be a part of the solution by addressing this issue, educating themselves, and joining with other health professionals who care about patients’ sexual health.
Recent approvals of several checkpoint inhibitors across multiple cancer settings have brought more than just new and improved treatments to the clinic.
Although symptom management is a cornerstone of high-quality cancer care, according to data presented at the 2016 Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium, clinicians often miss the incidence of patients’ symptoms or underestimate their magnitude.
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