Best Practices in Breast Cancer – October 2016 Vol 7

With this issue of JONS, we pay tribute to our beginnings as navigators in breast cancer management by recognizing our national breast cancer awareness month and focusing on best practices in breast cancer.
The publishers of JONS had the pleasure of speaking with Drs Dempsey and Song about their multiple-template strategy that analyzes ctcDNA and ccfDNA in blood as well as the initiation of their clinical trial in triple-negative breast cancer.
Endocrine therapy is a valuable treatment option for women whose breast tumors express the estrogen receptor (ER). In these women, endocrine therapy can block the tumor’s ability to produce estrogen–a hormone that promotes the growth of ER+ tumors–or interfere with its actions.
The world of breast cancer management is changing, just as the statistics for the disease has improved over the past decade.
The BCI provides additional information about the individual’s risk of recurrence beyond year 5 and the likelihood of benefiting from extended therapy and may help encourage compliance in those who opt to continue.
In this review, we will reflect on tools currently available to a clinician involved in the treatment of patients with breast cancer and shed light on emerging technologies that may be utilized in the near future.
In this special breast cancer issue of JONS, we are proud to present the 12 evidence-based breast cancer research abstracts that were presented as posters at the 2017 AONN+ Annual Conference.

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