Interview with the Innovators

IWTI 2016

December 2016 Vol 7, No 11 | November 28, 2016
JONS talks to navigators Trish Leighton, Stephanie Hoopes, and Jo Weathers about their team-driven approach to patient care.
The publishers of JONS had the pleasure of speaking with Drs Dempsey and Song about their multiple-template strategy that analyzes ctcDNA and ccfDNA in blood as well as the initiation of their clinical trial in triple-negative breast cancer.
August 2016 Vol 7, No 7 | August 3, 2016
In recent years, we have heard that cancer is becoming a chronic condition with patients benefiting from personalized treatment strategies, including biomarker identification and related targeted therapies and immunotherapies.
July 2016 Vol 7, No 6 | July 14, 2016
In an effort to learn more about NCI-MATCH, we asked the Acting Director, Douglas R. Lowy, MD, to speak with us. What follows is our exchange.
June 2016 Vol 7, No 5 | June 7, 2016
JONS speaks with Lillie D. Shockney, RN, BS, MAS, about the role of the navigator in personalizing care for oncology patients and the future for the profession.

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