May 2016 Vol 7, No 4

The authors describe the development of a web-based navigation application, study design, conduct of the study, and the results of the usability assessment of the navigation application by trial participants.
Through assessment, shared decision-making, and identifying and coordinating resources, patient navigators can make care more accessible and may increase adherence to screening and timely diagnostic follow-up care and cancer treatment.
The following are a selection of key clinical trials that are currently recruiting patients for inclusion in investigations of new therapies and new regimens of available therapies for patients with multiple myeloma. Each clinical trial description includes the NLM Identifier to be used as a reference with The information below can help oncology practice managers and providers direct their eligible patients to one of these clinical trials.
Within the multidisciplinary team, the navigator works as an advocate, care provider, educator, counselor, and facilitator to ensure that every patient receives comprehensive, timely, and quality healthcare services.
The authors present a case study highlighting the importance of patients’ physical and mental preparedness for the recommended medical treatments.
Navigators need to advance their knowledge of genomics and maintain competence with the continuing advancements in order to provide education to patients and their families on the impact of genomics in their cancer care so they can make the best informed decisions.
The role of the navigator along the continuum of care is bidimensional in nature with a patient-centered (empowerment with education and knowledge) and health system (multidisciplinary) orientation to deliver timely, seamless care.
As all navigation programs are built uniquely, we encourage you to rate your program as you feel appropriate.
Survivorship medicine has never been in more demand, but questions regarding reimbursement remain.
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