Psychosocial Support Services/Assessment

The Cancer Support Community (CSC) is a leader in providing psychosocial care and has recognized the importance of understanding the effects of COVID-19 on healthcare professionals and addressing gaps in identified supports.
Thanks to recent treatment advances, people living with lung cancer (PLW) are living longer and are a relatively new class of cancer survivors.
Women with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), a life-threatening illness, stand to benefit a great deal from in-person and online support groups.
The effect of cancer on the psychological well-being of the caregivers of cancer patients could result in an increased risk of psychiatric morbidity.
Young women (20-39 years old) with a gynecologic oncology diagnosis have “increased anxiety, depression, and distress” when compared with older cancer survivors.
Over the course of 2 years, Saint Luke’s Hospital Koontz Center for Advanced Breast Cancer hosted 3 weekend-long therapeutic retreats for women with metastatic breast cancer and their significant others.
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