The CATCH Initiative

Receiving a cancer diagnosis while dealing with homelessness and financial insecurity caused this patient to contemplate suicide. Here’s how her navigator helped.
Consistent and compassionate conversations with her patient revealed a shocking and treatment-altering discovery.
Quick action and an immediate referral addressed a life-threatening complication.
AONN+ Congratulates the 2023 CATCH Award winners Laura Kaminski and Cynthia Shechter.
The November 2023 CATCH Is Awarded to Vickie Arlt, RN, BSN, HCA Healthcare Salt Lake City, Utah
The September 2023 CATCH Is Awarded to Beth Trebilcock, RN, OCN, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, North Carolina
The August 2023 CATCH Is Awarded to Megan Kassel, BSN, RN, at Mission Cancer Center North Carolina
An adolescent female diagnosed with lymphoma was sent from an affiliate clinic to the main hospital for clinical trial enrollment. After enrollment and her initial treatment, the patient was transitioned back to the affiliate clinic to allow for care closer to home and her support systems.
The June 2023 CATCH Is Awarded to Liliana Larsson, MSN, RN, OCN, CCRP, TTS, Pancreatic Nurse Navigator With MD Anderson Cancer Center
One of Alessandra’s patients lives more than 100 miles from the cancer center in an isolated region with limited access to specialty cancer care. When a visit to the cancer center was necessary, the patient had a 2- to 4-hour commute, depending on the location of the scheduled treatment.
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