April 2016 VOL 7, NO 3

Letters from Lillie

Making Progress with Patient Navigation Certification

Lillie D. Shockney, RN, BS, MAS, ONN-CG 

Hello to all of our Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) members! I hope that you are ready to be wowed by this April issue of the Journal [ Read More ]

Psychosocial Support Services/Assessment

Relationship Between Illness Perception and Fear of Cancer Recurrence and Psychological Distress Among Survivors of Gynecologic Cancer

Annamma Sam, PhD, APRN, WHNP-BC
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX 

Background: Psychological distress (PD) is a known concern for many cancer survivors, and can be affected by factors such as illness perception (IP) and fear of cancer recurrence (FCR). Previous [ Read More ]

Learning Guide

Oncology Patient Navigator−Certified Generalist: Learning Guides Are Here!

Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA, Associate Center Director, Patient-Centered Initiatives & Health Equity, GW Cancer Center, Washington, DC 

The Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) is pleased to introduce the Oncology Patient Navigator−Certified Generalist (OPN-CG) credential. This credential is important for anyone providing cancer navigation services [ Read More ]

Learning Guide

An Overview of Patient Navigation, Its History, and Core Competencies

Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA,1 and Angela Patterson2 

Patient navigation addresses barriers and facilitates timely access to quality standard care by providing individualized assistance to patients, survivors, and families. Harold P. Freeman, MD, first coined the term “patient [ Read More ]

Learning Guide

Basics of Healthcare

Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA1; Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH2; Andrea Dwyer, BS3; Monica Dean4 

Although the role and scope of practice for a patient navigator does not require a clinical license or advanced medical or healthcare degree, patient navigators need to have certain medical [ Read More ]

Learning Guide


Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH1; Katie Bathje, MA, LPPC2; Christi Sheffield3 

Patient navigators interact routinely with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals, and need to be skilled communicators to effectively exchange information and collaborate.1 Effective communication includes expressing empathy, integrity, [ Read More ]

Learning Guide


Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA,1 and Ashley Varner, MSW, MBA, OSW-C2 

As a patient navigator, you interact with a lot of different people. You can build trust and be more impactful if you are professional; thus, professionalism is an important skill [ Read More ]

Learning Guide

Enhancing Practice

Christi Sheffield1; Virginia Vaitones, MSW, OSW-C2; Katie Bathje, MA, LPPC3 

As a patient navigator, you function as part of a multidisciplinary care team. In this professional role, it is essential to build trusting relationships with your patients and team members.1 [ Read More ]

Breast Cancer, Patient Navigation

Patient Navigation Success Varies Among Different Groups of Women with Breast and Gynecologic Cancers

Christine Erickson 

Patient navigation is a patient-centered healthcare delivery method that assists patients in overcoming barriers to oncology care throughout the cancer care continuum. Patient navigation is especially helpful for patients with [ Read More ]