August 2015 VOL 6 NO 4

2015 Abstracts, AONN+ Conference Abstracts, Patient Education and Assistance

Category I: Patient Education

Top B1. Encouraging and Supporting Educational Events for Young Women with Breast Cancer in Their Local Community: The Young Empowered Survivors Fund B2. Evidenced-Based Approach to Adolescent and Young Adult [ Read More ]

AONN+ Conference Highlights, Conference News

Category II: Psychological Support

Top C1. Physician–Patient Discourse on Side Effects Related to Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment: The “Make Your Dialogue Count” Survey C2. Emotional and Psychological Characteristics of Women with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: [ Read More ]

2015 Abstracts, AONN+ Conference Abstracts, Research/Quality/Performance Improvement

Category III: Quality, Outcomes, and Performance Improvement

Top D1. Application of Lean Methodology to Improve Quality and Efficiency D2. Assessing and Understanding the Rehabilitation Needs of Patients with Cancer: A Rapid-Learning System Pilot D3. Bridging the Gap [ Read More ]

2015 Abstracts, AONN+ Conference Abstracts, Original Research

Category IV: Original Research on Navigation Programs

Top E1. A Community-Centered Approach to Early Breast Cancer Treatment Through Patient Navigation E2. Development of a Tool for Assessing Patient Barriers to Care E3. Utilizing a Nurse Navigator to [ Read More ]

2015 Abstracts, AONN+ Conference Abstracts, Original Research, Survivorship

Category V: Original Research on Survivorship Programs

Top F1. From Surviving to Thriving After a Cancer Diagnosis with a Community-Based Troy Family YMCA LIVESTRONG Program F2. Meeting the Needs of Jewish Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer with [ Read More ]

2015 Abstracts, AONN+ Conference Abstracts, Community Outreach and Prevention

Category VI: Community Outreach and Screening Programs

Top G1. Practices and Perceived Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening by Nurses and Physicians Working in Primary Care Settings: Implications for Cancer Prevention and Nursing Education G2. Recognizing the Importance [ Read More ]

In the News

Oncology Nurse Excellence Award Finalists

It was a difficult process, but we have selected 4 finalists from among the peers you nominated for the Fifth Annual Oncology Nurse Excellence (ONE) Award of the Academy of [ Read More ]

Letters from Lillie

Recognizing Outstanding Navigation and Survivorship Work in Oncology

Lillie D. Shockney, RN, BS, MAS, ONN-CG 

We are into the final countdown with just a few weeks before our Sixth Annual Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) Conference in Atlanta! This issue of the [ Read More ]