November 2011 VOL 2, NO 6

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AONN 2011 Second Annual Meeting Coverage

Breast Cancer Navigation: 5 Steps to Better Navigation

Sue Bowman, RN, OCN, CBCN, MSW 

The breast cancer session focused on the use of the Nursing Process to guide navigation for people with breast cancer. A review of the Nursing Process theory was aligned to navigation using As sessment, Nursing Diagnosis, Creating a Plan of Care, Im plementing the Plan, and Evaluating the Plan. Practical application of the Nursing Process was described in relation to the steps of comprehensive navigation such as preparing for an initial assessment, building a rapport with the patient, and engaging the patient in their care. Promotion of a team approach and use of available resources for holistic care include the patient, physicians, and supportive services and was delineated. Developing logical ways to identify individual barriers and barrier resolution was discussed. The 2012 ACoS CoC Standards were reviewed in relation to the navigation, psychosocial assessment, and survivorship standard requirements. The Nursing Process was applied to developing individualized survivor programs in a way that participants could identify a need in their community and use that as a focus for their program. Interactive activities like Barrier Balls and Case Study kept the audience entertained and thinking in terms of practical tools and patient intervention.

Take-Home Messages

  • Patient navigation is exemplified by the Nursing Process theory

  • All aspects of the navigation process can be addressed by applying the Nursing Process theory

  • Navigation teams can be assembled with readily available resources, whether a concrete or virtual design

  • ACoS CoC accreditation standards can be incorporated into any navigation program

  • To be successful, survivorship programs are designed around patient need

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