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Financial Navigation, Web Exclusive

With Emerging Oncology Therapies and Rising Patient Responsibilities, Financial Navigation Will Have a Greater Role in Cancer Care

John Parkinson 

Emerging pharmacologic therapies used for the treatment of oncology are being developed and approved at an accelerated rate. “In 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration added 15 new drugs [ Read More ]

ACCC, Web Exclusive

What’s New in Navigation: New Metrics and Physician Collaboration

Tricia Strusowski, RN, MS, Manager, Oncology Solutions, LLC, Decatur, GA 

Historically, there has been a gap in the literature to measure the success and impact of patient navigation programs, but the Standardized Metrics Task Force of the Academy of Oncology [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation, Web Exclusive

Lay Navigators Improve Patient Care

Alice Goodman 

Lay navigators can improve the care experience and coordination of care for patients with cancer, as a demonstration program instituted in the Outer Banks of North Carolina shows. At the [ Read More ]

ONS 2015 Meeting Coverage, Patient Navigation, Web Exclusive

The Birth of Patient Navigation

Alice Goodman 

Healthcare navigators are an important component of cancer care, but what are the origins of the idea of patient navigation? At the 2015 Oncology Nursing Society annual meeting, Harold P. [ Read More ]