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Patient Navigation Success Varies Among Different Groups of Women with Breast and Gynecologic Cancers

Christine Erickson 

Patient navigation is a patient-centered healthcare delivery method that assists patients in overcoming barriers to oncology care throughout the cancer care continuum. Patient navigation is especially helpful for patients with [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation

Patients’ Experience with Cancer Care: Impact of the National Cancer Institute Community Cancer Centers Program

Lauren McCormack, PhD 

Lauren McCormack, PhD1; Katherine Treiman, PhD, MPH1; Carla Bann, PhD1; Shelton Jones, MS1; Irene Prabhu Das, PhD2; Julia Rowland, PhD2; Neeraj Arora, PhD2,3; Steven Clauser, PhD2,3 1RTI International; 2National Cancer Institute; [ Read More ]

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Lay Navigators Improve Patient Care

Alice Goodman 

Lay navigators can improve the care experience and coordination of care for patients with cancer, as a demonstration program instituted in the Outer Banks of North Carolina shows. At the [ Read More ]

ONS 2015 Meeting Coverage, Patient Navigation, Web Exclusive

The Birth of Patient Navigation

Alice Goodman 

Healthcare navigators are an important component of cancer care, but what are the origins of the idea of patient navigation? At the 2015 Oncology Nursing Society annual meeting, Harold P. [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation

Core Competencies for Oncology Patient Navigators

Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA (1); Anne Willis, MA (2); Leah Masselink, PhD (3) 

Background: Patient navigators have become critical members of the healthcare team; however, a need exists to provide more clarity around roles across navigator types and to develop competencies to help [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation

Patient Experience Mapping: A Quality Improvement Tool for Patient Navigators

Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA, Heather Kapp, LICSW, MPH 

Background: To maximize the impact of breast cancer patient navigation at The George Washington University (GW) Cancer Institute, this project mapped the patient experience across the cancer continuum to identify how [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation

Relationship-Based Care: Creating a Patient Navigation Program Through a Professional Practice Model

Patient navigation has become essential for the care of the oncology patient in a complex healthcare environment; however, the term “navigation” has been used loosely to describe several functions of [ Read More ]

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The Effect of Different Types of Navigators on Patient Outcomes

Sheri McVay, BSN, RN 

Patient navigators are widely used to guide patients through the healthcare maze, providing education, financial networking, expert clinical judgment, emotional support, timely access, and continuity of care. This review examines [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation

Development of a Framework for Patient Navigation: Delineating Roles Across Navigator Types

Anne Willis, MA1; Elisabeth Reed, MPA1; Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA1; Heather Kapp, MPH, LICSW1; Elizabeth Hatcher, RN, BSN1; Virginia Vaitones, MSW, OSW-C2; Stacy Collins, MSW3; Jennifer Bires, LICSW, OSW-C4; Etta-Cheri Washington5 [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation

Spanning Boundaries: System Dynamics, Externalities, and Patient Navigation

Christopher Louis, MHA, PhD(c); Jonathan Clark, MS, PhD; Katelyn Holmes, BS; Betsy Aumiller, MEd, DEd; Eugene J. Lengerich, VMD, MS 

Background: Patient navigation (PN) has emerged as a possible strategy to bridge gaps, overcome barriers, reduce delays, and improve outcomes across the cancer care continuum. However, we lack an explicit [ Read More ]

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Patient Navigation: Defining Metrics That Support and Justify the Nurse Navigator Position

Ana Rosa Espinosa, DNP, MBA, RN, OCN 

Patient navigation emerged 2 decades ago, with numerous articles reporting cancer care outcomes from the patient perspective, but its effect on improving organizational outcomes requires further research.1 However, according to [ Read More ]

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Patient Navigation Across the Continuum

Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH 

A collaborative approach to patient navigation that involves both clinical and community navigators can ensure that the final navigation program reflects the needs of your particular institution, according to Linda [ Read More ]

Patient Navigation

Program Turns Cancer Survivors Into Peer Navigators

Dawn Lagrosa 

In the first year after a breast cancer diagnosis, women typically experience significant deterioration in their overall quality of life (QOL), but a program that connects new patients with breast [ Read More ]