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AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Complementary Medicine Can Be Effectively Integrated into Cancer Patients’ Lives

Nutrition, meditation, engaging the limbic lobe of the brain, and other forms of complementary medicine can offer cancer patients an opportunity to participate in their treatment and can provide them [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Navigating the Clinical Trial Maze: Know How to Locate One, Facilitate Insurance Coverage

Navigators can make a difference in negotiating the labyrinth of oncology clinical trials. Facilitating insurance coverage when a cancer patient chooses to enroll in a clinical trial is perhaps the [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting, AONN+ Standardized Metrics

Metrics Are Essential in Documenting Navigators’ Value in Cancer Care

Metrics are the key to demonstrating the value of navigation along the cancer care continuum. Navigation metrics can demonstrate the benefit of the program to the institution and demonstrate the [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

CoC Accreditation Requires Patient Navigation Process

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) serves as a resource and opportunity for improved cancer care. The value of CoC accreditation to an institution is multitudinous, said Frederick L. Greene, MD, [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Strengthening the Mind–Body Connection Can Guide Body to Health

Body, mind, and spirit are a unified entity, and by helping cancer patients make positive changes to the mind and the spirit, nurse navigators can positively influence the body. Strengthening [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Game-Changing Immunotherapy Presents Unique Challenges for Navigation

Immunotherapy is changing the landscape of therapy for patients with cancer and is resulting in a new population of cancer survivors for whom survivorship issues will need to be evaluated [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Cancer Care Landscape: Several Policy Changes Encourage Survivor Care

Policy changes and healthcare payment reform are among the items that will affect the way that cancer patients access care in the near future, said Christin Engelhardt, BS, National Coalition [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Nurse Navigators Can Help Ease Depression in Cancer Patients

Oncology nurse navigators can improve outcomes, quality of care, and patient experience by recognizing and addressing the emotional toll that a cancer diagnosis can take on a patient, the family, [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Early Palliative Care: The New Frontier

Earlier palliative care for oncology patients with advanced cancer is the new frontier. Palliative care given alongside usual oncologic care in such patients maintains or improves survival and improves quality [ Read More ]

AONN+ East Coast Regional Meeting

Oncology Navigation Promotes Population Health

Oncology nurse navigators can advance population health in a variety of ways and create value in the process, said Sharon Gentry, RN, MSN, CBCN, CBEC, a nurse navigator at Novant [ Read More ]